Rogers Centre Turf – Jays vs. Grey Cup layout

Originally posted November 30, 2012.


Paul Beeston spoke to the media the other day. He was asked about the possibility of switching to an all-dirt infield at Roger’s Centre. The topic has come up more often as of late with the addition of Jose Reyes and concerns that the use of the current AstroTurf GameDay Grass 3D (or any artificial turf) can make players more prone to injury.

Can you do an all-dirt infield?

“It’s not going to happen for the next five years, four years, or until we deal with the Argos situation. Because of the way the stands move, because of the fact it’s multi-purpose, that’s not going to happen. The way we’d like to see it is an all-grass field, we would put it in on March 1st and leave it there until the end of the baseball season. It can be done.”

So, I wanted to get a better idea of how the field changes for the different configurations. I made a graphic comparing the two field setups. I opted to compare the Grey Cup layout as it makes use of more of the stadium. (Essentially the same as a typical CFL game, but with more seating in the upper levels)

Images sourced from Rogers Centre website where they also feature the seating configurations for several other events.